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Welcome to Delta Marina!
Charlie Ottley, în timp ce filma documentarul „Dunărea sălbatică”  la DELTA MARINA . Celebrul producător de documentare tv l-a filmat în 2021, în Delta Dunării, în toate cele patru anotimpuri.
What do we propose ?

 Migratory birds call Delta, home, for the most beautiful moments of the year. So do our guests. 

 At Delta Marina, you are more than a guest. You're from the house, right from your arrival. Do not forget to take your curiosity, good will, family and all your loved ones for an unforgettable vacation and experience, in a true paradise of nature!

Why Sfântu Gheorghe?

Sfântu Gheorghe, is that unique place in Europe where the Danube meets the Black Sea. It is the only arm of the Danube where, in the walk, you can see the Danube's discharge into the Black Sea.

Where do you find us ?

 In Sfântu Gheorghe, where the Danube flows into the Black Sea, 70 km away from Tulcea (in a straight line). It is the oldest arm of the Danube. Here, in this fishing village surrounded by waters, you can have the most intense sense of freedom. You are far from technology, the worries and pollution of the city.

         Who we are ?

 Delta Marina is a unique complex, set on the shore of the miniport for boats. It consists of two accommodation units, located 50 m apart from each other. 

Much of the rooms have unique and delightful views of the Danube or its sinking into the Black Sea.

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